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A Norwich Bestiary poetry trail

by writer Daisy Henwood

Norwich Bestiary Dolphin 480 x 480

A Norwich Bestiary is a collection of poems inspired by the animals found in the museum's collections, around the city, or imagined into key moments in Norwich's past.

Our poetry trail takes you on a tour of historic locations across Norwich, starting at Norwich Castle. We encourage you to pause at each stop to read or listen to the poems.

View a map showing all locations on the poetry trail

About A Norwich Bestiary

Medieval bestiaries were books containing descriptions of real and imaginary animals. These descriptions were accompanied by fantastical illustrations and stories intended to teach moral lessons as well as entertain.

Daisy Henwood is one of three writers in residence appointed as part of our Royal Palace Reborn project. Their aim is to bring medieval Norwich to life for different audiences.

Daisy worked with young people aged 14-18 through workshops inspired by medieval bestiaries. Together, they created a bestiary for Norwich.

Illustrations have been provided by Zoe, Oskar, Florence, Mabel, Kitty, Pepper, Catriona, Vesper and Phoenix.