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Workshops, courses and resources for children and families at Norwich Castle

Children looking at art display

Activities for under 5s

Planning a visit with a child under 5? Here are some of the things we have at Norwich Castle to help you play and explore the galleries together!

Snapdragons and snaplings

Baby and toddler groups at Norwich Castle. Join us each month to explore, play, discover and giggle together!

A Norwich Bestiary poetry trail

Follow our trail around the city of Norwich, visiting historic sites and listening to poems at each stop

Writing Bellotto

Award-winning writer Belona Greenwood collaborated with children from Browick Road Primary School in Wymondham, transforming their responses to Bernardo Bellotto's masterpiece.

ST*ART Spaces: Crome, Texture and Tales

Get creative and explore how the activities and atmosphere of the everyday is captured in John Crome's work.

Get a Move on

How does being in an art gallery really make you feel? Let's explore how we feel about things rather than what we know about them.

Scribe School

Draw beasts, conjure tales and design a manuscript!

ST*ART Spaces: Turner, Landscape and Light

We're investigating the use of light in art, focusing on one of England's most famous painters, JMW Turner, and his masterpiece Walton Bridges.

Super Stitchers!

Each Super Stitchers resource explores a different beautiful and unique object in the museum's collection and guides you through a series of related activities to try at home.

Crome Off The Wall

Free downloadable activities that take John Crome out of Norwich Castle and into your home, from sign-making to writing secret letters, Georgian-style!

The People's Palace

The People's Palace supplements are packed with information about the Royal Palace Reborn project, plus games and activities for families to try at home.

ST*ART Online

Norwich Castle's arts and creativity programmes for children and young people


Explore exciting new ways to experience our collection, including expert talks from curators, virtual tours of the Norman Keep, fantastic family-friendly learning videos and much more!

In the Picture... Out of the Dark

As the days grow darker, we're taking a look at the artist Marc Chagall's colourful and otherworldly painting L'Artiste dans son Atelier (The Artist in his Studio) c.1930.

In the Picture...Out of the House!

As part of a partnership with The National Gallery, we're exploring a masterpiece by the Italian Renaissance painter Bernardo Bellotto.