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Royal Norfolk Regiment gallery

The Royal Norfolk Regimental Galleries in Norwich Castle have a rich and varied collection of objects, photographs and archive material illustrating the county Regiment's 300-year history.

It's not just medals, weaponry and uniforms. Items on display include a sergeant major's pace stick, tea cups from Korea, a portable altar used on the Western Front and spices used during the Crimean War to make rations a bit more exciting to eat.

The displays focus on the experience of life as a soldier in peace time and conflict. The main section deals with the 20th century - the First and Second World Wars and the National Service years, including the Cyprus Emergency and Korean War.

The Serving the Empire display is a case devoted to the days when young men looking for employment and adventure might leave their local village for the North West Frontier or the heat of Africa. An array of specimen insects are shown next to Afghan firearms and exquisite items from Tibet.

The Life of a Soldier case contrasts equipment and activities of the past with those of today, such as a leather bell topped shako with a modern Combat Assault Mk7 Helmet.

Touchscreens provide additional information on each of the objects displayed and the history of the Regiment from 1685 to 1959.